Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 4

So good to be able to talk to you guys again! I just want to start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHELLE! The BIG 30 haha! So crazy that youre 30 haha I hope you have an awesome day! Thats sweet that you get to spend time with them up in Utah. But that stinks that its so cold haha. I definitely do not miss the cold! Hey could you give me Matt's email? I want to send him an email and see how he's doing. Thats sweet about Louie! I cant wait to see him out here! He'll get here on the transfer day where I'll be done getting trained so maybe i'll train him or be in the same area as him! thats would be crazy. So this last week was pretty hard, we werent able to teach that many lessons because we went to Iloilo on Thursday and came back late Friday night so we werent able to teach for those 2 days. We had a trainer/trainee meeting in Iloilo that we had to go to sothat was fun. It was great to see the missionaries from my batch in the MTC again and to see how they were doing. So they trainer/trainee meeting was pretty much all day on Friday. It started at 8 and went til 4 haha so it was kind of long. So then we went and tried to teach on Saturday and Sunday but all of our investigators either werent home or they were busy. It was super frustrating. And one of the guys we were supposeed to teach was on hour walk there and back. So we walked there and found out that he was busy, even though he told us to come at that time, then we had to walk back, so it wasted 2 hours of our day...Also, Bro Lito didnt go to church yesterday, and on Saturday we went to his house and his daughter said that he had been drinking, so that was another let down. Also, yesterday we taught Rodil and we asked him how his word of wisdom was and he told us that he drank on Friday. Then after that we talked to the Branch President and he said that Rodil told him that he drank 3 weeks ago, but Rodil never told us about that. Such a bummer! So now we have to move the baptismal date back from Feb. 9 to sometime in March. It was soooo bummed but we cant give up on him! I know that he can still get through this and reach his goal of baptism. We're just going to have to work hard with him! So yeah this last week was a rough one. At church yesterday there were about 45 people so that was more than last week. Also, Elder Shingleton and I had to teach the youth Sunday School class so that was fun. Haha it was hard because they were all just laughing at my language but whatever it went alright.
      So the pictures of the weights was in front of the Banga house. The area north of us where Elder Stacey and Leon live. Our district leader last week said that we cant stay in Banga anymnore on monday nights because President Pagaduan doesnt want any sleep overs so we have to go back every monday night now, then go back to Kalibo early tuesday morning for district meeting. I am going to upload my pictures to dropbox so go check them out there! We took some pictures on a single motor motorcylce that I am going to send you. We fit 5 people on the motorcycle to ride to one of our investigators houses haha it was nuts! The 2 filipinos are 2 members from the branch that come and work with us all the time, theyre so awesome. The one behind me is Rogie and the one in the back is Francis. Francis was just baptized this last October and Rogie was baptized almost 2 years ago! They said they are going to go on missions soon so im stoked for them. Theyre so strong in the gospel its great. Also, we took some pictures outside of the church building yesterday. The girl in the pictures name is Debbie and she was baptized Novemebrr 2011. Shes also a supeer strong member. She just got her mission call to Cauayan Philippines mission and she leaves in March. Shes the only member in her family and her family is super upset that shes going on a mission but she says that she loves God more than she loves them so thats why she's going on a mission. She has such a strong testimony its so great! She also comes and works with us and helps us teach our investigators and less actives. Also theres a picture of some kids on a cow haha. Its such an awesome picture. I saw these kids just sitting on a cow and I was like I need a picture of that haha so I hope you like them! So this last week I had a goal to pass out 3 BoMs/pass along cards/pamphlets during the day and I was able to pass out 3, it was great. So this next week my goal is going to be 4. Haha sometimes it is scary to open my mouth because I have no clue what the person is going to say back to me but I just go for it and it always ends up well.So we stopped by the investigators houses that we tracted this last week and of course they werent home, so that was a bummer. But were going to go by them this next week so hopefully we'll be able to teach them. Also, in 3 weeks at the next transfer, we're going to be getting 2 more missionaries in our area. I dont know if I already told you that or not. But Elder Shingleton and I have to find all the furniture and everything for them so we are also busy with that. We havbe to buy beds, bed frames, closets, a bigger fridge, study desks haha so yeah it should be fun. And because our area is so remote, we havent found any places that ship to Altavas. So we have to find some way to get the stuff to our area., But is should be way fun to have a 4 man apartment and to split our area up. Im excited to see what happens in a few weeks.
      So I was wondering if you could send me that smaller Preach my Gospel book to me in the next package. Its easier to carry that thing around rather than the huge one to district meetings and stuff. Also, I dont like tuna that much and I dont know if i would like any canned meats. I buy a lot of hot dogs and I am going to try to buy chicken today if they have it at the store. They havent had it since I got here. But yeah Im doing fine here on food so far. A lot of missionaries get big packages every week but they take awhile, a month or more. Just put pictures of Jesus all over it. Yeah someone from the mission office brings us are cargo, letters and packages, to us every week and we usually get it at district meetings. I finally got dads letter this last week so that was so nice to get! thanks for the letter dad it made my day. And I love those story/poem things that you send me so feel free to send me those whenever youd like!
        Well, I dont have much else to say. I love this gospel and the joy it brings to my life. I love having the Holy Ghost with me at all times. Out on a mission, you come to realize how important the companionship of the Holy Ghost is your life. I would recommend that each one of your try  your best to have the Holy Ghost to be with you at all times. Try to not do those things that cause the Holy Ghost to leave your side. I promise you that with the Holy Ghost, your life will be sooooo much better. You will be happier, more confident, better able to deal with stress and trials, and you will receive so many other blessings. I promise you that. I love the Atonement and I am so grateful to know that no matter how sad or stressed or tired I get, Jesus Christ has been there too and He can help me get out of those hard times. I love you guys so much and I hope that you have an awesome week! Till next week!

Elder Anderson

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