Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2 Letters

Hey everyone!

Cant believe im already emailing you again, everything is going crazy fast. So my companions and I looked at the email from Brother Douglas, haha thats so crazy! Those pictures were awesome I cant wait to be there. Thats so cool that he got to go to Bacolod and spend time there. I seriously cant wait to leave the MTC and get there. So my email is so late today because my district was called to clean the temple this morning from 8:00-11:30. So the temple is closed for these next 2 weeks for cleaning and stuff and we were able to clean it today. It was a sweet experience. We all put on white scrubs haha it was funny. So we started off by cleaning all the lockers, then Elder Sargent and I were assigned to go help with the demolition of a wall on the bottom floor of the temple. So we went down there and picked up all the dry wall, metal scraps, and doors that were knocked down. I was kind of weird to be doing demolition in the temple but it was a cool experience. It brought back memories of my construction days at Pridemark haha. Anyways, after that Elder Sargent went and got his haircut, we had lunch, and now here I am!
      So this last week was an okay week, definitely a tough week. Our one investigator hasn't been progressing that much and it has been super frustrating. We've committed her to pray to know what we taught her is true after every lesson but she either doesn't pray or doesnt think she receives an answer. Itts really difficult. We met with our teacher in a little coaching meeting and talked to him about our situation with our woman investigator and he didnt know what to say to us. He has no answer for us, all he said was to keep teaching and doing all we can do to bring her unto Christ. So we'll see how that goes. The language is still coming along pretty well. We finished all of our grammar book so now we just review it all I think. Its still difficult to teach sometimes but its coming along. So this last Wednesday we were able to host. I hosted an elder from Virginia and a sister and I dont remember where she was from hah. But it was fun, it brought back memories of when I got dropped off haha. Anyways this week we're hosting again and theres supposed to be 700 new missionaries coming in this week, which is a lot of missionaries. So yeah its going to be pretty hectic, but it'll be fun cant wait. The 2 new hiligaynon districts came in and its been sweet to have them here. A lot of them are international. Theres elders from samoa, tonga, australia, and new zealand and some sisters from samoa and tonga. Sui would love it here haha. But yeah they ask us all these quesitons and I feel so smart because I can help them with everything and it makes me feel like I know everything when I really barely know anything haha. Half of them are going to Iloilo and the other half are going to bacolod. The new elders and sisters and really fun though, theyre in our zone so they live on our residence floor so we've made friends with a few. Its cool to talk to them and learn about their culture in New zealand or whereever there from haha.
      Thank you for the package! That was so great, especially the cold medicine. Im not sick anymore thanks to that medicine. And for the ties and food and bowl games and everything. I showed everyone the bowl games and we were all just talking about football for a little bit. It was great. Between my companions and I we have so much food. I was meaning to take a picture of our pantry that we have in our room and send it to you but I forgot, I'll have to do it next week. We have a ton of food its awesome haha. Thats exciting that everyones coming down this week. That should be fun. Im pretty stoked to have Christmas in the MTC. My district is thinking its going to be a memeber of the 1st Presidency thats going to speak to us, but we'll have to wait and see. It'll be nice to have a holiday next week and not have classes for a day, but the only bad thing is that its freezing here. Yesterday it snowed and today its supposed to snow until tomorrow night so that should be fun, I cant wait! I cant wait til im in the Philippines sweating haha its gonna be awesome. Spencer emailed me and was like, I wish I could be in the cold right now, im dying here in Brazil haha. So great. Oh yeah thanks for his pictures that made me so happy to see those. He's such a stud in Brazil i bet he's killing it out there.
     So if you havent sent that package yet could you send me some Burt bees chapstick and some Nivea after shave cream stuff in it, oh and yeah I want the tylenol pm for the flight that would be great. If you could do that that would be so great. We should be getting our travel plans this week so Im excited for that. Cant wait to find out when we leave and everything its gonna be awesome. And to answer your question, yeah I have seen Stephanies boyfriend in here. He has the same meal times as me so I always see him in there but I havent said anything to him cuz I barely know him. But you should ask the Hobbins if Tedi's has a brother or cousin in here or something. Cuz i saw an elder in here with her last name and that not that common of a name. I wouldve asked him if he was related to a gril name Tedi but he already walked passed me after I saw his name. Anyways, yesterday was another sweet Sunday. Our sacrament meeting was about full yesterday because of all the new missionaries. And we're supposed to be getting 20 new missionaries in our branch this week so its going to be packed. But we did all the usual stuff, district meeting, meals, sunday walk, and everything. Then for our devotional Richard Heaton who is the MTC Executive Director or something spoke to us about the importance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how important it is to teach is to our investigators. It was a sweet talk, and some family, the Brett family or something, sung to us. Theyre supposedly a well knowned singing family. Anyways, thats all I have to say for now. Im so grateful to be here in the MTC and to be learning so much right now. I have already changed and learned a ton its been awesome. I cant wait to be in the Phillippines in a few weeks and be teaching real investigators. I already love the Filipino people and I havent met anyone yet haha its the weirdest thing but truly do love them. I just want to tell you how important and how real prayer is. If you are going through struggles or trials or just anything, you can pray to God and He WILL listen. He will ease your troubles and your pains and He wants you to come unto Him and pray and He will help you. He only wants the best for you and He is there for you. I love this gospel and I love the Book of Mormon so much. I hope all of you have an amazing week and I am so grateful for all your love and support that you give me! Halong!

Palangga taka,
          Elder Anderson
From last week:

Hello Everyone!
Elder Kimball and Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson and his companions
Another week and another email! So I have made it 6 weeks, so crazy! I only have 3 more weeks to go woo, cant wait to leave! Well, it's snowing right now its horrible. We went to the temple this morning and it was soooo cold, I cant wait to be in the Philippines. So Elder Taylor left this last tuesday, it was sad...I went to his residence on Monday night to say bye to him and his companions and then they left Tuesday morning. I definitely miss seeing him at every meal and on temple walks. I have seen Elder Kimball just a few times, our schedules are way different so we dont have anything at the same time except for temple walk. I didnt go on a temple walk yesterday because it was too cold, so my district just stayed in our classroon and studied.
   Well, this last week was another quick one. The same old stuff everyday. Class, study, gym, and taugh at least 1 lesson a day. All I do here is just study its crazy. I go from studying the scriuptures, to studying Preach My Gospel, to studying flashcards, to studying grammar, to studying Hiligaynon on the computers. I feel like there isnt enough time to fit everything in its nuts! Theres so much to study and I have to pick and choose what to study because I dont have enough time to study it all. So, this week we started teaching other elders in our district. So we teach another companionship as if they are real investigators and another companionship teaches us and we act like investigators. So we teach them along with our 2 other investigators (who are our teachers) that we have had for a few weeks now. We taught everyday except for Saturday and we taught 2 investigators on wedneasday and Friday, so its been fun and Ive been keeping busy. My companions and I have been working on companionship unity this week in our teaching. We've been trying our best to all talk the same amount and to make sure that we dont say the same thing that our other companion already said, so that had been what we have been working on.
    This next week is going to be a good one. Our district is hosting on Wednesday and we're getting 2 new Hiligaynon districts. Its going to be fun with fresh Elders and Sister and im going feel so smart talking to them in Hiligaynon and stuff haha. I saw a list of the new districts and theres 2 elders/sisters from Tonga, then some from Samoa, and 1 from Australia so that should be sweet. Our teachers always compliment us on how fast we are picking up the language and how well we are progressing, so thats some goods words of encouragement. One of our teachers who has been teaching since they started teaching Hiligaynon here said that we're progressing faster than any other district that he's taught before, so thats cool. But we just have to keep working hard and progressing because I never want to plateau. I got a letter from elder Spencer Taylor this last week so that was awesome, it made my day so much better. Can you please send me his and the other elder Taylor's emails. I really want to read them and see how theyre all doing. Also, maybe if you could send me some pictures that they send home. I want to see what theyre doing in their missions and stuff. If you could do that that would be awesome! In dad's letter to me he said that he talked to Tyler at Woodranch, thats sweet. I miss that guy, tell him that I say hi next time you see him.
    So yesterday was another awesome Sunday. We had normal sacrament meeting and everything else and then we had our fireside. For the fireside the BYU Mens Chorus came and did a program. They sang for an hour straight and shared a few testimonies here and there. It was pretty boring haha, it was good for about 20 minutes then it just got old, probbably because I dont like that music that much. It was kind of like a sing noel thing. After that we watched a talk from David A. Bednar that he gave a few years back to the MTC, it was soooo good. He talked about the Character of Christ and when the natural man would turn inward and be selfish, Christ turned outward and served. One story he used was after Christ had suffered for all of our pains, afflictions, sorrows, and griefs in the Garden of Gethsemane, he walked out to find that Paul cut of one of the gaurds ears. After suffering all of that stuff, Christ's first actions was to serve the gaurd and heal his ear. I just think that was just crazy because I know I probably wouldnt have even thought about the gaurds ear and I would have just been worried about myself. It was such a good talk and I am going to try my best to always serve others and to try to never think of myself. So yeah that was my sunday. Also, Saturday night I started feeling sick, and it just has progressively gotten worse, it stinks. I have a sore throat and and cough and a stuffy nose. I have been loading up on the airborne and taking cold medicine, so hopefgully I will get better. Missionary work is already hard enough, I dont want to be sick and make it even harder.
    So my companions and I want some mentos (fruit and mint), starburst, reisens, sprees and whatever other kind of candy you want to send. Oh dad could you send like all of the bowl game matchups. A bunch of elders in my zone love college football and we want to know who everyone is playing. If you could that would be awesome! One of the elders is going to play for Utah State after his missions so he's dying to know who theyre playing. Oh I almost forgot, make sure you tell the Koellikers and the Gregsons that I say thank you some much for the package that they sent me. They sent my a tie, candy, a letter from each of them, some pens, and a Christmas book thing. It was so nice of them to send that. Also, Taylor thanks for the cookies man, that was so nice of you and they are so good. I am definitely blessed with all of the love and support that I get from all of you, so thank you! Well, thats all I have to say! I might send some pictures later, I dont know if  I have any to send or not but we'll see. Anyways, have a good week and I love you all. Read your scriptures and pray everyday and your week will go so smootly. I love this gospel and I am so grateful to be on a mission at this time in my life. My testimony is growing so much and so fast and I cant wait to be teaching real investigators in a few weeks. I know that through prayer we can speak to our Heavenly Father and that he listens and answers every single prayer that we offer to him. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how the Atonement can make up for all my mistakes and sins. I am the farthest thing from a good missionary and I am grateful for the Atonement that it can take away my faults and mistakes and shape me into the best missionary that I can be. I love you guys and I miss you guys! Halong kamo!

-Elder Anderson

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